A Turnkey Solution.

Fora is a software tool designed to help organizations create active and sustainable communities around issues and causes. It does this by making participation easy and rewarding, and by tying together online and offline activity. With Fora, you can incentivize online conversations directly on popular social media platforms, and encourage followers to participate in offline activities. The result is a community that remains active throughout the year, and not only around major events or activities.

The Challenge.

People support causes and attend events because they have an inherent interest in the subject matter featured – but it can be exceedingly difficult to maintain their attention and provide accessible ways for them to contribute throughout the year. Too often, organizations invest heavily in cultivating communities centered around issues and causes, only to see engagement drop off after in-person events. The result is a poor return on investment, and a lost opportunity to develop collaborative communities that work towards common goals.

The Opportunity.

Fora helps organizations galvanize communities around the issues and events that interest them. Use Fora to set goals for ongoing community engagement, both online and in person, and reward those who drive sustained activity. Keep people’s attention, and make participation meaningful. We Help:

Incentivize continued engagement

Tie online activity to offline events

Foster a collaborative spirit

Drive issue advocacy and awareness

Stimulate user-driven content creation

Enhance exchange programs

Launch a Dynamic Engagement Program.

The people who attend your events or follow your social media presence have indicated an interest in the issues you work on. Fora lets you easily create a dynamic engagement program that encourages these people to participate in online dialogue and offline activities that you coordinate. Convert interest to engagement by incentivizing sustained activity and offering substantive rewards to those who actively participate.

Cultivate a Lasting Community.

As your community members become more engaged they will get to know one another online, and reinforce these relationships at in-person events. This will create a stronger organic tie to your organization and issues. At the same time, Fora will provide you with a rich array of data insights that will help you design programming based on the interests of your followers, and tell your story to key stakeholders, such as board members or funders – which in turn will help you acquire the resources you need to maintain and grow your programming.

Online and Offline Synergy.

Fora is designed to help synergize your online and offline engagement approach. Too often, these live in silos, and don’t reinforce one another. Fora eliminates this inefficiency by giving organizations the ability to meaningfully tie together what happens online and offline. Use Fora to incentivize online engagement before and after popular events by offering active community members rewards at the event itself, such as speaking opportunities, interaction with speakers, or travel stipends. Get more return on the investment you make in events by utilizing them to stimulate ongoing dialogue and other collaboration long after they finish.

How it Works


Link your social media pages, groups, and handles to Fora, and ask your followers to complete a one-time registration – after this they can interact directly on social media and email, no new platforms to learn or visit.



Create and announce your new engagement program! Tell people what kind of activity you’d like to see and what great rewards they can get by participating.


Use “carrot” campaigns to structure online conversation and in person activity around specific topics or goals. Use these to drive desired outcomes, such as dialogue, event attendance, advocacy efforts, or content creation.


Monitor Fora’s insight data to see who is most active, how communities respond to campaigns, where they are engaging, and what issues they are discussing. Tailor programming around what people care about.


Try different campaigns and analyze the results of each. Learn as you go, and adapt your approach so that you figure out what motivates your community towards sustained activity. Use the results to tell a compelling story to key stakeholders, such as funders and board members.

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