A Turnkey Solution.

Fora is a software that helps companies incentivize customers to provide honest feedback directly on the social media platforms they already frequent. Fora measures user engagement across social media and other types of content creation, which you can customize, and lets you offer rewards to those who stimulate conversation and provide feedback. Use Fora as a simple and easy supplement to your existing loyalty program.

The Challenge.

Customer feedback is critical to the success of a product or service offering, but the ways that we collect this are inherently flawed. Too often, online reviews are disproportionality negative –as a bad experience is more likely to drive someone to go to the length to comment. Focus groups are costly and only reflect the views of small number of people. The result is that companies typically work with incomplete data when trying to process and act on customer feedback.

The Opportunity.

Fora helps level the playing field, by making it equally rewarding to provide positive or negative feedback –  creating a pipeline for honest feedback. It does this by inviting customers into the feedback process on a rolling basis, and rewarding their participation. We can help:

Host rolling online focus groups

Increase customer content creation

Retain customer attention

Increase customer/product touch points

Create community around brands

Collect data to improve products and services

Launch a Rolling Focus Group on Social.

Fora lets you launch a rolling focus group of customers, directly on the social media pages, groups, and handles that they are already familiar with. With Fora you can run targeted campaigns to ask for feedback on specific items during a fixed period of time. Incentivize participation by rewarding active content creators at the end of each campaign. The result is that you can turn your social media following into a hub for customer feedback.

Bring Customers into the Fold.

Make better use of your social media presence by facilitating crowd-sourced focus groups. Invite customers into the feedback process and reward them for their honest opinions. They will appreciate that you care about their opinion, and by incentivizing this process and layering directly on social media it will be easier than ever for them to participate.

How it Works


Ask your customers do complete a one-time registration, then direct activity to the social media pages, groups, and handles that you manage.



Create and announce your new engagement program! Tell customers that you are seeking their honest feedback and ideas, and describe what kind of rewards they can get for participating.


Use “carrot” campaigns to structure feedback based on duration and topic. Encourage specific actions (e.g. submitting vlog review) that fall outside of social media.


View Fora’s analytics to see who the most active influencers in your community are, and to learn what customers are talking about. Use this information to improve your products and respond to concerns.


The result is that Fora helps you get honest feedback, while also creating a sense of community. Invite your customers into the product development process and build stronger relationships with them.

Let’s Get Started!

We’d love to talk about how we can help you crowdsource customer feedback!