A Turnkey Solution.

Fora is software that makes participation in online and offline career services programming both accessible and engaging. It does this by making participation easy – by hosting online conversations directly on the social media platforms that students are used to using, and engaging – by incentivizing participation, rewarding it with substantive benefits, and connecting students to faculty and alumni.

The Challenge.

While an overwhelming majority of students attend college in order to advance their career prospects, an alarmingly low number of them take advantage of the career services programming offered by their respective schools, leaving them less equipped to compete in the workforce.

Some Facts & Figures:



of incoming freshmen say finding a good job is the main reason they enrolled in college.



of students have never visited their school’s career services offerings on campus or online.



of students use career services to help find an actual job after graduation.



of students use career services to help find graduate programs after graduation.

The Opportunity.

Schools already have the resources needed to provide students with guidance and to connect them to others who can help. The key is to make this convenient and engaging. That’s what Fora does. We help:

Get more students using career services

Incentivize continued engagement

Connect students with alumni and faculty

Learn more about students’ interests

Keep students engaged after graduation

Establish a powerful professional network

Launch a Career Services Engagement Program.

Fora lets you easily create a dynamic engagement program that encourages students to participate in both online and in-person career services programming, and to take part in career-related dialogue with each other, alumni, and faculty. Incentivize sustained activity by offering substantive rewards to those who actively participate.

Harness the Wisdom of the Crowd.

A key feature of Fora engagement programs is the ability to include alumni and faculty voices in the context of career services. Students need to learn how to conduct a job search, conceptualize how their skills and interests translate to real jobs, and understand what different career tracks are like in the real word. The best way to do this is to hear directly from people who have already launched their careers.

Many alumni and faculty are keen to help by sharing their real world experiences with students. Fora facilitates this, unlocking any school’s greatest asset – the ability to have community members help one another.

The Power of Community.

Fora is designed not only to keep students more interested in career services programming, but also to forge real-world connections with peers, alumni, and others with the purpose of supporting one another in the context of career development. A critical part of career services education is teaching students how to cultivate and leverage an effective professional network. Fora helps you teach students how to do this, while simultaneously providing them with the foundation of that network itself.

Here’s How it Works


Link your career services social media pages, groups, and handles to Fora and ask students to complete a one-time registration. After this they can interact directly on social media, email, and offline - no new platforms to learn or visit.



Create and announce your new engagement program! Tell students and other participants about the benefits of signing up. You can now run targeted campaigns that live directly on top of social media and email, and factor in-person activity.


Use “carrot” campaigns to structure online conversation and in person activity around specific topics. Focus dialogue and let students discuss with staff, faculty, and alumni. For example, use a campaign to focus conversation around interviewing skills.


View Fora’s analytics to see who is active, where they are active, and what they are talking about. Keep a finger on the pulse of the community, see what campaigns work, analyze why, and continuously adapt your approach to keep people active.


The result is that Fora helps you create an actionable professional network for your students that gives them access to information while directly connecting them with people who are willing to help. This is an invaluable resource.

Let’s Get Started!

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