A Turnkey Solution.

Fora is a software that makes participation in online and offline alumni programming both more accessible and engaging. It does this by making participation easy – by hosting online conversations directly on the social media platforms that alumni already use, and rewarding – by incentivizing participation. This means that you can structure ways for alumni to participate in your community and encourage this activity by offering substantive rewards and benefits to thank active members.

The Challenge.

While alumni often have a strong emotional connection to the schools and programs they attended, it can be very difficult to find ways to keep them actively engaged over the long term. Too often the approach to alumni engagement is primarily focused on soliciting donations, rather than offering substantive value to alumni. This approach can be off-putting and ineffective.

Some Facts & Figures:



of alumni professionals feel they need to increase alumni engagement.



of alumni professionals say they need to do more to engage young alumni.



of alumni organizations don’t offer benefits to their alumni.



of alumni organizations send at least one gift solicitation within one year of graduating.

The Opportunity.

Alumni are typically eager to help one another and the institutions they are associated with. They can be easily turned off, however, by early and frequent requests for money. Fora helps institutions develop engagement campaigns that offer non-financial ways for alumni to give back, while simultaneously offering them real value and reinforcing their relationships with one-another and the institution itself. The result is a deeper connection. Fora helps:

Keep more alumni active

Create new ways for alumni to give back

Incentivize continued alumni engagement

Learn more about alumni interests

Build relationships and a sense of community

Loop alumni into your ongoing programs

Launch an Alumni Engagement Program!

Fora lets you easily create a dynamic engagement program that encourages alumni to participate in both online and in-person programming. Use campaigns to find methods of engagement that stimulate alumni, such as mentoring students or younger alumni, giving feedback on upcoming initiatives, contributing to your projects, or simply networking with one another professionally.

Learn What Stimulates Alumni Interest.

Fora helps you structure alumni engagement campaigns around specific topics or themes. This means that you can use trial and error to figure out the different ways that alumni prefer to participate, and reinforce those with increasingly targeted campaigns. Use Fora to facilitate dialogue and action around professional networking, career services, feedback about school projects, and much more. Fora will help you analyze which campaigns are most successful, and what issues resonate with your alumni community.

Create Real Community.

Fora is designed not only to incentivize alumni engagement, but to help create an atmosphere of meaningful community. By encouraging participation, making it easier, and offering substantive benefits to active alumni, Fora helps create and reinforce person-to-person relationships that add value to your alumni, both on a personal and professional level. The goal is for alumni to view this community as a source of enrichment, which in turn will help create an ethos of future giving, both financial and in-kind.

How it Works


Link your alumni social media accounts to Fora and ask alumni to complete a one-time registration where they link their social profiles. After this they can interact directly on social media and email, no new platforms to learn or visit.



Create and announce your new engagement program! Tell alumni about the benefits of signing up. You can now run targeted campaigns that live directly on top of social media and email, and factor in-person activity.


Use “carrot” campaigns to structure online conversation and in person activity around specific topics. Try different campaigns and see what kind of engagement alumni respond well to, whether it’s helping mentor students or young alumni, networking with each other, participating in new projects, or something else.


View Fora’s analytics to see who is active, where they are active, and what they are talking about. Keep a finger on the pulse of the community, see what campaigns work, analyze why, and continuously adapt your approach to keep people active.


The result is that Fora helps you create a sense of community where alumni can find the ways to contribute that resonate with them, while also benefiting from participation. Build deeper connections that will benefit your institution over the long term, and help cultivate alumni as financial contributors when they are ready and able.

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